Manage Your Online Reputation



Lots of businesses conduct their dealings online these days. In fact, most business can not get away without being online. It’s become part of our world. What has also become part of our world is dealing with customers and making good on each individual reputation

In today’s totally branded world online reputation management is everything. It only takes one mistake to do some serious damage. This mistake is something that none of us can afford. BrightPast will help you to get rid of negative mentions that affect your personality or your business. Which is why we are here today.

We are here today to speak about online reputation management and how to make due with what you have.

    1)First and foremost, you need to have a presence on all well-known media platforms. Wherever your customers look things up, place your brand there. It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook or Twitter, you need to have your online presence there at all times.

    Some might ask why. The reason is so you can refute any bad press right away. People can say all sorts of things. It only takes one bad word to damage who you are. If you are present then you can be there to defend yourselves. Part of online reputation management is sticking up for yourselves. This means not allowing someone to do the talking for you.

    If someone has said something bad, be prepared to defend who you are. If your customers see that you are there to defend your honor on social media, they might put more trust in you.

    2)If you have more than one brand, then you might need to create web pages for each brand/product. Do not just rely on one page to do all the talking. Create a social platform for each one. This way you can be on top of all products and brands that are all under your name. This is one of the biggest aspect of online reputation management that many neglect.

    3)If there is anyone attached to your name and brand, you will need to protect each and everyone. If you leave the privacy door unlocked and open, these people can become prime targets for defamation. Anyone can get to them and attack the validity of the brand. People will do it, do not think otherwise.

The primary targets are executives and chief holders for a brand. Keep their names as protected a possible. If just one big name from your brand is being targeted, the house of cards will soon fall in your direction. Avoid this at all costs.


Always listen to all your complaints, even your negative ones. These is always some validity in your negative remarks. If you hear frequent remarks concerning one major brand, look at it. There might be a weakness you don’t know about, a weakness you might need to take a look at.

In other words, do not slag off the negativity. The negativity in online reputation management serves as great a purpose as the good stuff.

Always listen and watch more than you speak.